Wagon made an appearance on Jalopnik’s ‘Nice Price or Crack Pipe’ today

What do you think?

We love the automotive blog over at Jalopnik, they are true enthusiasts who also happen to be great writers – and even are funny sometimes! They do a daily feature called ‘Nice Price or Crack Pipe’ where the readership at large gets to vote on an ad from somewhere on the web-o-sphere, chiming in on whether or not they think the car is priced accordingly.

Also, the team over at Jalopnik has before professed their undying devotion to our beloved chosen form of transportation – the lofty wagon, estate or touring models of our favorite cars. See what I mean here and also here.

So in today’s installation of the ‘Nice Price,’ Jalopnik doubles-down by featuring a ‘longroof.’ It’s a 2000 E46 Touring Model that’s been fitted with a more powerful and modern drivetrain from a newer 330i, and dressed up with some very tasteful factory modifications in the form of mostly OEM ZHP parts. [...]

We are enthusiasts. We love wagons.

You’re an enthusiast. You love wagons.

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