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Get excited – tomorrow Volvo officially announces the V90

Volvo gets it – they are one of the few brands that have always embraced the wagon as the best expression of the driving experience with more than enough space for everything you need and everyone you love. We are huge fans, and are proud to have a Volvo dealership as a sister store to us. As of today, we have five V60 Polestars in stock, with Volvo offering o% financing right now. Rare cars, and we’ve got more to choose from than anyone.

What we’re really excited about is the impending release of the all-new Volvo V90. We love big wagons, and with Volvo seriously stepping up their luxury this promises to be one serious car. By the looks of the early leaked photos, it will rival any other large wagon in terms of style, performance and interior appointment.

Just look at the lines of this thing! Bravo Volvo:









And the media reveal will be held live, albeit at an early hour! If you’re up late or up early, check out

We can’t wait to drive one, with 407HP on tap from it’s unique hybrid powertrain, this promises to be one classy and fast wagon experience. Keep up the good fight Volvo!

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