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We aren’t your ordinary dealership – and we don’t sell your ordinary sedans and SUV’s. We take cool wagons and sports cars, and do all of the maintenance that they deserve. Not just enough to sell them, but everything that needs to be done to make them like new. Not just clearing codes and cleaning the car, a full and comprehensive job only a trained and experienced mechanic and car builder could do. We know all of the ‘weak links’ on the cars we sell, and we proactively address them. Leaky valve-cover gaskets on a BMW? Fixed. Air ride problems on a Mercedes? Fixed. Potential problems with an X-Drive AWD system? Fixed. Any upgraded parts that are available to increase a vehicle’s longevity, we address. Example? Audi 4.2 IMG_19201V-8 Timing chains. Unless service records show it’s already been done, any car we sell using this engine gets a full timing chain service with upgraded guide rails and tensioners so you can rest assured you will get years of trouble-free service from your new wagon.

We also don’t like stock wagons – so most of our cars undergo subtle suspension improvements in the form of either springs or a top quality coilover setup. Where beneficial, sway bars are uprated. The factory wheel/tire setups are ditched for more beefy wheels for both that aggressive look and handling improvement. All of our cars are available with a winter wheel/tire package on refinished stock wheels for an additional charge – because what’s better in the winter than a killer AWD wagon? Upon your request, we can go further by upgrading the car’s software or adding an intake/exhaust. The sky is the limit on what we can create. Want an E91 Touring with an M3 drivetrain and widebody? (which BMW foolishly never produced) – Yeah, we can do that for you! So whether you just need a fun, convenient family hauler that still is fun to drive or you want a one-of-a-kind super-wagon, we can help. Our financing and warranty options will surprise you, along with the ease with which you will sign your paperwork. It will all be a breeze.

Finally, if you already own a wagon or sports-car that you want to uprgrade or service, we have 7 lifts and all of the tools to get any job done. The expertise of a racing engineer and lifetime technician will be at your fingertips. And unlike most service departments, we will direct you to the best and simplest repairs first.20151229_093553-01 Have an actuator that goes bad? We will replace the gear before replacing the entire unit – using uprated materials so the problem will not reappear. We fix cars BETTER than new, as opposed to just getting them back on the road. And if you want more from your car, we can design a suspension or engine upgrade package that fits your desires and makes your car what you’ve always wanted it to be. Get in touch, and let’s discuss your needs – we’re always happy to talk wagons, sports cars and tuning!


Rare Wagons/Estates/Touring Models
Sports and Unique Performance Cars
Unique Car Locating
Suspension Tuning
Engine Upgrades
ECU Tuning


  • Enthusiast owned and passionate about what we do
  • All the benefits of a big dealer without going to one
  • Lifetime experience making cars better
  • Variety of cool wagons all in one place
  • All the best parts and equipment
  • Curated upgrades for your car by our racing expert
  • Maintenance that makes your car better than new
  • A cool place to hang out and talk cars


  • People don’t buy what you do; They buy why you do it.Simon Sinek
  • The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.Benjamin Franklin



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