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This is a Buick Regal TourX. Let that sink in for a minute. The last time I said out loud “That’s a good looking Buick” was way back in 1987, the first time I saw a GNX. Sure the Grand National was revolutionary for the time and a total monster. But the fender flares and the mesh wheels on the GNX really made the car look sleek. Buick has done it again. It’s not the powerhouse the GNX was, with only a turbo 4 cylinder, but for the first time in a very long time I can honestly say “That is a damn fine looking Buick”.

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And let us say that these are going to come more often than yearly from now on.

At the time it seemed highly unlikely that Porsche would bring the Panamera wagon, now officially called the Panamera Sport Turismo, to the United States. I mean, why would they? America isn’t well known around the world for it’s embrace of the station wagon. We’re more SUV and pickup truck people. But that is changing. Perhaps due to SUV’s exorbitant costs or ridiculous fuel economy or maybe it’s down to the fact that SUV’s are quite soul-less to drive. Either way, Porsche has deemed the US worthy and will be sending us the Panamera Sport Turismo for 2018.

You can visit the Porsche website and start building your dream super wagon now.

Once again, we get the big tease from Europe… as Porsche plans to unveil a Panamera wagon version at the Paris Motor Show this fall. Riding on a VW-Group platform, in our estimation this makes the body shape of the lumbering Porsche make sense – and suddenly makes it beautiful from all angles. We’ve always liked the nose, but it’s out back where things fell apart for us.

In our eyes, Porsche could be pointed toward making the most beautiful wagon of all time – they just aren’t likely to send it to our shores – and we couldn’t be more annoyed. Porsche, that’s some serious shade we’re throwing – give us this wagon!

Hat tip to Road and Track:

Panamera Shootin Brake Concept

Volvo gets it – they are one of the few brands that have always embraced the wagon as the best expression of the driving experience with more than enough space for everything you need and everyone you love. We are huge fans, and are proud to have a Volvo dealership as a sister store to us. As of today, we have five V60 Polestars in stock, with Volvo offering o% financing right now. Rare cars, and we’ve got more to choose from than anyone.

What we’re really excited about is the impending release of the all-new Volvo V90. We love big wagons, and with Volvo seriously stepping up their luxury this promises to be one serious car. By the looks of the early leaked photos, it will rival any other large wagon in terms of style, performance and interior appointment.

Just look at the lines of this thing! Bravo Volvo:


This is one of the coolest wagons on the market today – we’ll be doing some tweaks on one of them soon and will have full details.

The Polestar V60 is brutally fast, you’ll see here that it’s just as fast as any of the V8 Wagons.

Here Motor Trend does a full review – in the snow. Including a stuffed bear. Worth the watch!


We love the automotive blog over at Jalopnik, they are true enthusiasts who also happen to be great writers – and even are funny sometimes! They do a daily feature called ‘Nice Price or Crack Pipe’ where the readership at large gets to vote on an ad from somewhere on the web-o-sphere, chiming in on whether or not they think the car is priced accordingly.

Also, the team over at Jalopnik has before professed their undying devotion to our beloved chosen form of transportation – the lofty wagon, estate or touring models of our favorite cars. See what I mean here and also here.

So in today’s installation of the ‘Nice Price,’ Jalopnik doubles-down by featuring a ‘longroof.’ It’s a 2000 E46 Touring Model that’s been fitted with a more powerful and modern drivetrain from a newer 330i, and dressed up with some very tasteful factory modifications in the form of mostly OEM ZHP parts. [...]

We are enthusiasts. We love wagons.

You’re an enthusiast. You love wagons.

Why drive an SUV, when you can have the same space with the handling of a sports sedan? Now there’s a store just for you… Greenwood Motorsports and Wagons is your source for your favorite long-roof. If you don’t see exactly what you want, we can find it for you – or build it for you. While we have a long-roof for everyday driving, we know on weekends it’s fun to drive a sports-car so we offer those too. Since we’ve been involved in racing our entire lives, we also can expertly modify and service your car for optimal performance.

Get in touch, and see what we can do for you! Or stop by, have a coffee and check out some cool wagons. We look forward to seeing you!


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