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Why don’t auto makers sell many wagons any more? We all know they are the best way to carry people and things without compromising the driving experience. Never fear, though – we are passionate about finding, maintaining and optimizing Wagons, Touring and Estate models so that you can drive what you want. In addition to our extensive inventory, we can find what you want – just ask! If we can’t find it, we can build it.

With our racing background, we can modify your Wagon or Sports Car to maximize the performance. Partnered with an expert level european auto mechanic, we can also keep your car running like the day it was made. Our showroom is a fun place to hang out and talk cars, and our parent company can get you the best financing and warranty available. It’s all the best of a boutique dealership, racing shop, repair facility and car dealership rolled into one. And we are single minded when it comes to wagons! Come pay us a visit, we look forward to seeing you.


  • Suspension development and tuning
  • Engine/Drivetrain swaps
  • Custom engine builds
  • Precise and preventative maintenance
  • Wheel and tire fitment and installation
  • Alignments and corner-balance (street or race)
  • Evaluation and fine tuning services (race)

Here is What we do best:

Easily Layout Your Detailed Services


Wagons are getting harder and harder to find as automakers phase them out in favor of lumbering SUV’s. So we decided to create a place where you can always find cool wagons, with all service done, and tastefully upgraded.


We leave nothing to chance, all of our cars get a thorough, nose-to-tail inspection and we correct everything we find, even preventative. We often use upgraded fixes that outlast OEM. Let us apply this to your car as well, call for an appointment.


We are enthusiasts, and so are you. When you come here to buy a car, or get your car serviced, it doesn’t end there. We have a lounge and some great locally roasted coffee. You can also tour our facility packed with custom, racing and classic cars.

Easy To Work With

We are having fun, this is a passion for us – so that’s what you can expect as well. This isn’t your typical car-buying experience. You will enjoy your time with us, and get the benefit of all that a large dealership can offer without the pressure.

Expert Staff

We know cars. We’ve been around cars since we could crawl, and have been designing, building and racing cars for over 20 years. We also have been working on European cars for just as long, and grown into a top dealer as well.

Fast Service

You won’t have to worry about sitting in a dealership for hours, you’ll hang out in our lounge and talk cars with us. We can often have all the paperwork done before you even get here, so you just drive away happy. Delivery? Yes – we can do that!


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